Trim Classic Barber & Legendary Beauty | Commercial

July 7, 2016

When I first moved to Nashville I had the hardest time finding a stylist that I loved for hair cuts and color. When one of our dear friends introduced us to his fiancé (now wife) and she was a stylist I started going to her. I have never looked back! Liz is now the owner of Trim Nashville and I had the opportunity to do their most recent promo shoot and have to say it was one my favorite shoots to date! Definitely check them out. Everyone there is top notch and so creative!

Trim Nashville-1 Trim Nashville-2 Trim Nashville-15&16 Trim Nashville-3 Trim Nashville-4 Trim Nashville-5 Trim Nashville-17&18 Trim Nashville-6 Trim Nashville-7 Trim Nashville-19&20 Trim Nashville-8 Trim Nashville-9 Trim Nashville-10 Trim Nashville-29&30 Trim Nashville-11 Trim Nashville-31&32 Trim Nashville-12 Trim Nashville-21&22 Trim Nashville-13 Trim Nashville-27&28 Trim Nashville-14 Trim Nashville-37&38