Haley Bussell | In Studio at Hey World Productions – Nashville, TN

January 30, 2017

This beautiful soul – Haley Bussell – released her second single from her acoustic session series recorded at Hey World Productions in Nashville, TN. I loved being able to catch a glimpse of their session and capture some of the fun they had working on this project. Take a listen and see for yourself how talented this girl is! {Link to listen at the bottom of this post}

Hey_World_Productions_Studio_Session-4 Hey_World_Productions_Studio_Session-2&6 Hey_World_Productions_Studio_Session-7 Hey_World_Productions_Studio_Session-14&16 Hey_World_Productions_Studio_Session-10 Hey_World_Productions_Studio_Session-23&26 Hey_World_Productions_Studio_Session-22&34 Hey_World_Productions_Studio_Session-29&33

Newest Release – https://soundcloud.com/haley_bussell/blackjack

First Release from Haley’s acoustic session series – https://soundcloud.com/haley_bussell/in-your-head