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If you book prior to the first day of Summer (June 21st) we are including our 30 day social media content calendar customized to your brand and project. (Valued at $525)

In a loud and cluttered culture you want your brand to stand out and be true to your voice, while attracting your ideal customer or client. With social platforms and eager audiences at your fingertips, each brand has the power to connect and create awareness more than ever before. This is exciting! But, I understand that with the excitement, can come paralyzing anxiety of what and when to post that let’s face it, sometimes we just don’t. That’s where I come in! I love working with brands and small businesses to help develop your visuals and voice so that you can share the best and most honest pieces of what you have to offer. My passion is helping you create quality images and content that tell your story and connect your customer with your brand. When connection runs deep, commitment stays strong, and you create lifelong fans, customers and advocates.

Already have an established voice? Perfect! I love stepping in to capture more content for you that lines up with your current brand. Because, let’s be honest, the more quality content you have the better.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Michelle Rene | Nashville, TN

I remember the first time I heard Michelle sing. I was completely blown away by here talent and presence and became an instant fan. Over the years I’ve had the joy of getting to know her better and watch her write, perform, record and grow in so many amazing ways. Each time I hear one […]

Maybe April | Nashville, TN

Maybe April is an amazing and talented trio that will blow you away! Their three part harmonies, ability to play multiple instruments and incredible songwriting skills makes for a dynamic team that will go far. They were also recently named one of Billboard Magazine’s emerging female country trios. Put these girls on your radar, because […]

Mike Petty Music | Nashville, TN

Mike is getting ready to release his brand new EP titled “Love Is Calling” and I had the opportunity to not only shoot his new promo images, but collaborate with him on his album artwork and cover design. Be sure to check out Mike’s music and keep your eye out for his EP! It was […]

New York City | Inspiration

I recently had the joy and opportunity to be a travel buddy for the amazing Suzanne Bowen, creator of Suzanne Bowen Fitness and BarreAmped and one of my dearest friends. She spoiled me with a trip to NYC to find inspiration and explore together. It was unforgettable and this post will unfortunately not even hold a candle […]